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sony casette deck stuck in pause

Okay I’m really exhausted, since I’ve been working on this thing since last night and I just have to ask someone for help.

My Sony TC-WE475 is screwed.

I tried lubricating the capstans and after reassembly everything just got worse.

When I turn on the machine, the pause Icon lights up for a few seconds then turns back off. When I press play, the capstans move for a few seconds, but nothing happens, then it just stops. similar in ff. When you just press pause, the capstans move indefinitely.

Currently, the mechanism that is supposed to move the play heads up to the tape is not moving. similar, to this issue: only, that it won’t stay up.

Furthermore, the supply and pick-up reel seem somewhat stuck. they turn when i turn them by hand, but there is some resistance and it’s clicking.

Overall I feel like it’s stuck in pause mode or something. Anybody got anything for me?

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Hi @neuweltkamel ,

Don’t know too much about the mechanics of cassette players, but here’s the service manual that may help you to find the problem

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normally, nothing needs to be lubricated. If lub got onto drive belts that is a problem. I could be that it has brakes to stop the reals and they are hanging.

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but the belts continue turning, while the machine is in pause


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