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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation Ranger, a compact pickup truck manufactured by Ford.

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Tachometer issues can’t figure out the cause.

I have a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge 4.0l V6 engine. Has 231k miles on it. Recently I’ve noticed the tachometer acting strange. When the engine is cold or warm the RPM reads normal, even used a solus scan tool to see the idle is good, but RPMs suddenly will go up then back down but idle is constant. When driving I’ve noticed it will shift normally and the gauge will show normal 2.5 to 3k range to shift , stay up in that range after the shift or jump up even higher even though the shifting is completed, for a minute or so then suddenly drop to show the normal range. The thing that is I’ve also just recently noticed today, that it is little hesitant around 45 to 50miles when it comes to shifting, the RPMs show the shift around 3k but once the shift is complete it drops suddenly down to normal range. I’ve replaced throttle body and sensor, IAC valve and have cleaned Intake. Not sure if it’s a sensor in the cluster that controls the tachometer gauge or if it’s a transmission issue. Any ideas?

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Also forgot to mention, no codes are being thrown.


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From what I've been able to find your RPM sensor in that vehicle sends a signal to the PCM, which does it's thing with that data, and then sends a signal to the tachometer telling it what to display. Most likely it is an issue with the gauge itself, as you'd likely experience other issues if the PCM or RPM sensor was malfunctioning.

Just to be clear, the vehicle is running normally just the tachometer is acting up?

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Yes the tachometer is acting up, everything is running normally.


then it's a safe bet that it's the tachometer malfunctioning. Not the transmission, rpm sensor, or pcm.


Thanks for the help.


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