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Repair documentation and service information for Hisense televisions.

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Why is there a thick black line on my tv?

So I just turned on my TV after a few weeks of not using it, and I see a thick black line that’s about 2 inches thick. Today I turn on my TV and it seemed to have gotten worse. Is there a way to fix this without sending it in to a repair shop?

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Update: The screen has gotten even worse. The bottom part of the screen is now bugging out more than ever.

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You may check out the methods in another same iFixit thread via the link below.

thin black lines on the screen started with one now four

There are several reasons for such issue:

1. Physical damage of the panel, you probably need to replace with a new unit since most of the retailers are not able to repair panel.

2. Check the socket at both ends and fasten them, it might fix the problem. Or the board is broken, you need to replace with a new one.

3. Software issue, try to update your TV system and check.

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