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The Dell L100 U011 is a keyboard that is compatible with all brands of computers and connects via the USB port.

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Can laptop keyboard be repaired?

Can You Fix a Defective Laptop Keyboard? A laptop without a working keyboard might seem like a massive block to productivity, but it is possible to repair. This might involve some simple hardware and software maintenance, or it might require some hands-on repairs with your laptop's insides.

My laptop keyboard is repaired. Because once I am building a site my coffee cup is dropped on my keyboard.

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Was the coffee cup full of coffee and did any spill on to the keyboard?


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Usually when it comes to keyboards once they’re destroyed they’re not worth saving, but you can try. The best way to do it is to clean the PCB with IPA (99% preferred, but 91% works) and wash the plastic parts and membrane with warm water - you can also wash them in the dishwasher, but do not put the heat on.

That being said, if it doesn’t work then don’t spend much more time on it. The keyboard you selected (SK-8115) is very common, so you’ll have no trouble finding an identical one - there’s plenty of NOS ones and nice used ones out there on sites like eBay with OEM keyboards like this too.

The catch is there are 2 iterations of it, so if you’re really particular about getting a XP or Vista Windows key, you want to check the photos closely. Vista ones have a circle around the Windows logo, while XP ones are flat and just have the logo. For example, if you use a “Vista” SK-8115 on a XP machine, it will work just the same as an XP era one. No point in fussing over this one key; most are using the “XP” key with some from 2007-2008 having a Vista key. Likewise, on a Win10 machine both will also work. My dad has an XP SK-8115 we carried through 2 computers and it still works fine, and is perfectly compatible with Win10.

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NOTE: it depends on what the symptoms are. Laptop keyboards are composed of contact switches and wires. On the MB there is a keyboard decoder. If the decoder is bad, replacing the kbd will not fix the situation.

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I once spilled a little wine on my kbd. I didn't realize it had gotten onto the kbd. When it stopped working I took it apart and saw the red evidence and the eaten traces. I managed to repair the traces. The solution is to power down anything with a spill and wash it out immediately unless the spill was plain water. However, even that can cause a problem if you power it up. Ask me.

After washing out, let it dry for 48-72 hours. If you do not wash it out immediately, it will dry. Then you must disassemble to get it all out with brushing.


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