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La Xbox Series X est la console de jeu 4K de nouvelle génération de Microsoft. La Xbox Series X est sortie en même temps que sa cousine, la console Xbox Series S, le 10 novembre 2020.

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My brother is a big man baby and poured water through the top of my xb

Water was poured through the top of my xbox series x I wasn't aware until later I was sure something happened to it but bc I didnt know that I had it running for a day and noticed a few things some of the quick ways to do stuff on it like power off using the controller wont work and it makes a weird noise every now and then is it &&^&@@ or is there something I can do

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I feel so sorry for you!


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Hey Caden,

I don’t want to advocate for violence, but and eye for an eye would be okay…I kid I kid.

If there is any type of warranty I would start there.

If not, you may want to tear it down and see if certain parts have been damaged and see if they can be replaced easy enough.

Not the answers you wanted to hear, I’m sure, but may be what needs to happen.

Hope this helps.

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Throw the console at your brother? Fix your brother first or it will break again, probably much worse.

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