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The model UA40F5500AM is a 40-inch smart television produced by Samsung.

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Shadow spots on my Smart TV screen. I believe it's a UN46H6201.

I’m beginning to think that it’s an LED background problem. How much is this going to cost me to get fixed?

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It may cost you a bouple of bucks but is definitely worth of.

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Given the model's age it will be around that time to replace the backlight array which in the UK where I'm based wold cost you around 50 pounds. I'd charge another 60 pounds for the strip-down and rebuild so that'd be £110 total.

You really should confirm the part number of the backlight array by stripdown but my own notes tell me that this model shares the same parts as models UN46FH5303, UN46H6203, UA46H5303 and UA46H6203 and so the part numbers are BN96-28759A & BN96-28768A - 4 pieces of each giving 8 pieces total.

Replace the full array if you take it for repair - don't let the technician do a botch job by just replacing the LEDs that are faulty. As I said it's at that age where the full array will need replaced in it's entirely. That way you should get at least another 5 years from it. But when you get it back - turn the back light setting down, the screen brightness up (two entirely different settings) and turn the contrast down to bring colour into line and it'll last even longer than that.

***I'm an ex TV technician*****

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