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The Sony XBR-65X850D is a 65-inch LCD Ultra HD TV with an LED backlight and 2160p resolution. Released in 2016. Model number: XBR-65X850D.

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TV won't power up

We had a storm and my tv died. No power - no standby light… I tested the power board and determined it was bad. I replaced the power board. When I plugged it back in, I get a red blinking light (8 blinks). I tried following trouble-shooting for the limited info I could find to no avail. I then found something about holding the power button in as you plug it back in. That worked insomuch as I got a dark blue screen. There was no logo nor anything else though and it turned itself off after 30-60 seconds. I tested the new power board, as well as the power cord and both seem to be working fine. Any suggestions?

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It is possible that when the power came back on, there was a surge and some component was damaged. Try checking your board for any blown capacitors, etc. Also, try adjusting the screen brightness. If there is a visible change in brightness, but there is no image, it is possible either the LCD or the controller is damaged.

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Thanks. As previously stated, I did find damaged components on the power board so I swapped it out. Now, I have a flashing red light and backlit screen, where I didn't before, but that's about the only change. Also, it is an LED - not LCD.


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