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Panasonic RX FT500 Cassette Player Making a Clicking Noise

When I play, fast forward or rewind the cassette player, a clicking sound comes out of the on board speakers. This happens with and without a tape inserted. If the player has had a few days off then it might not click for a few hours, but in time it will, and then it will eventually become more regular until it reaches a click every 3 seconds or so.

I’m using the unit to record me singing on to the tapes and then passing those tapes on to the computer through the headphone out. The clicks, if they’re happening, become part of the recording on the computer, and as you can imagine this is very frustrating, so any help would be readily appreciated.

Edit: I’ve made a video of the problem - here it is…

All the best,


Update (06/06/2021)

I made a video of the problem, so hopefully somebody can help!

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Hi @bazmaclean,

Don’t know the answer but here’s a link to the service manual that may help.

The schematic may help you to isolate where the noise is coming from. The schematic is a bit hard to use as it is split over three pages

If it only occurs when the motor is running but not when using the radio function for example then perhaps there is feedback from the motor circuit getting into the audio circuit somehow. Just what I think may be happening and not what I know is ;-)

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Thanks for the reply! The schematic is helpful, but way above my comprehension! I was hoping someone would say I need to change along with a YouTube tutorial that showed me how!



It would be nice if all problems were that way but mostly they're not. Unless there is a known problem with a device (specific component or even design fault) then the fault has to be individually tracked down as to the cause.

Most of the problems that I've found online relating to your device are about fast forward and rewind problems and not what you're experiencing.


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