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Apple's March 2019 refresh of its iPad Air tablet, sporting an A12 Bionic processor and a 10.5" screen.

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iPad Air 3 - what component is this?

Fault = iPad Air 3rd gen, blank screen or brief flicker, power going in.

Sorry it’s a poor pic, the best I got. Apple took it! They say it’s corrosion caused by liquid damage (user fault, not Apple they said). They couldn’t tell me exactly what part other than it’s the logic board.

An indie repair shop reckons it the corrosion of a screw. From the pics on this website, to me it looks like the back of the home button but tbh I don’t know so I posed the question here. Thank you to those who answered. Any other thoughts appreciated.

What is this component? Is this corrosion? What could have caused this?

Block Image

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It’s a rusted screw.

There is no rust or water stain on the bracket plate beneath it, so I’m guessing it’s caused by condensation rather than flooding.

Normally Apple don’t open up an iPad for customer service, even if they do, photo evidence is not shared with customers, so I doubt the one sending it to you is Apple.

Maybe their policies are different in different areas?

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The iPad went to away to UK Apple Repair centre, the pic is from Apple. The iPad was very well looked after (kept in a leather case & screen protector), and no liquid spilt on it. Interesting comment about condensation, which i suppose is possible. Thanks for answer.


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It might be a circuit contact point. Just not enough of a picture. If so, that “mud” on the top would definitely prevent a proper contact. Try scraping it clean.

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I dare not open it myself! I'm not at all technical. It's been with Apple and 2 x indie repair stores but I've not seen it open myself. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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