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The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 is a laptop targeted towards budget gamers. It boasts 256 GB of storage, Nvidia GeForce Graphics and an Intel i5 quad-core processor at a more affordable price than most gaming laptops.

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Why Won't It Turn On?

I JUST unboxed this laptop and it refuses to turn on. The orange light comes on when I plug it in and it turned blue when it was done, but it won't boot up no matter what I do.

There is no pinhole on the model I have and Google has been very unhelpful.

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Have you tried taking the battery out and just plugging in the charger?

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53-55G9 Battery Replacement



Maybe if it is "just unboxed" it may be better to return it rather than risk voiding the warranty by opening it up and disconnecting the battery.




Yes that's a good point.


if you just unboxed it and it is DOA, just return it. I'm confused as to what Google has to do with it.



Perhaps the OP meant that a search was conducted on Google to find a fix but there were no results that helped.

Just what I thought was meant


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If your laptop won't power up, a faulty power supply, failed hardware, or a malfunctioning screen could be to blame.

In you case, it's brand new & covered by manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, you should return it under warranty and not mess about trying to fix it beyond trying the simple stuff.

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