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Repair Manual for the medical device, Philips Respironics BiPAP Pro 1007216, used for treatment of sleep apnea and breathing disorders.

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Bipap pro bi-flex is not working

It hasn’t been used in months. Now I plug it in for use and it says “service required”. How do I bypass this and get it going so I can sleep?

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Its shows E48 error code ...runs about 35 seconds and quits....I have to unplug and and start again and same thing happens


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Here is a answer from another person on error codes maybe this will help you.

Here are the error codes:

E-48 ERR_PV2_SENSOR_RAILED •Occluded or restricted pressure tube •Defective pressure sensor •Replace pressure tube •Replace Main PCA

This means a sensor has failed or been occluded or the main board has failed. Unless you can DIY, the machine is dead. You can locate new machines from our online supplier list, SecondWindCPAP Supplier #2, and Craigslist. Amazon currently is selling a new Dreamstation DSX700H11 BiPAP Auto for $720. You have choices if you are not going through insurance. If your profile is accurate and you are using CPAP pressure, you have many lower-price options for fixed or auto CPAP units.

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