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Is this the ground?

I am having trouble identifying something on a pcb. I THINK its ground, but…

Block Image

It contacts this metal plate (why i think it might be the ground) on the inside of the earbud cover:

Block Image

Backside of pcb:

Block Image

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Insulated devices like this don't have ground! They don't touch or have a pathway to mother earth "Ground" You often have a Faraday cage to Insulate/Isolate the internals from exposing people to danger or signal interference.

Chassis Ground/Logic board Ground Plane is the common within, it's the mounting point for the 'Other' side of the connection one needs to supply to complete the circuit to the power services.


Ok, so im trying to attach a 3.5mm aux to the audio output of this bluetooth earbud. I can see where some wires will go, but i cant figure out where on the board to attach the two ground wires coming from the 3.5mm plug. Any suggestions?


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The copper plate is likely the external connection to the charging case. You likely have a metal surface on the other side and you likely have a second contact somewhere else as well.

Well … There is no means to connect an external mini-plug connection. Each ear bud is mono (each) not stereo within the single bud. You need access to both amps (each bud) to gain the signal and the output is set for a pico ear speaker not strong enough to drive anything without an additional Amp.

Bottom line: its just cheaper and easier to just get/build a Amp unit which either has BT as an input (not output) or is directly wired to your music source.

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I absolutely agree that either of those things would be cheaper and easier... But i wouldnt learn anything and it wouldnt be as much fun. So i need both ear buds? Check.

Ill post some more pics, if you'd be willing to look at em and give me any ideas id appreciate it.


@agnawn uh mous - What are you trying to push (input)?


I want to wire an aux. output to the soeaker output from the earbuds, so i can plug them into the auxillary jack in my car, making my $@$*!& 2008 stock kia stereo "bluetooth". I know its alot of work for something i can buy for a few bucks ... BUT THATS BORING! Lol. Id rather do this and at least learn how to really mess up some bluetooth earbuds.


@agnawn uh mous - Sorry the earpiece Bluetooth is the LE version which is uni-directional (only able to push the earpiece not the other way) and mono (per ear)

There are lots of kits which will get you what you want! Some are builders kits so you can have the fun of soldering everything in others are assembled.

I can't see any way to alter the each piece to do what you want.


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