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Repair information and troubleshooting for the Dell Inspiron 5680. This is a desktop computer meant for gaming.

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Computer is not turning on despite PSU BIST being solid green.

To clarify, when going to start work today, I pressed the power button and it started up for a half a second, then nothing. I’ve since cleaned out the fans and checked the back PSU BIST, which is green for that half second when the power button is pressed. I held down the PSU BIST button and was able to start the computer no problem, but I need to hold the button down to keep it from dying immediately. Any ideas as to what’s going on here?

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What is the result if you just do the Dell BIST test?


According to the link (thank you @jayeff ), its working fine. If I hold down the test button, it’s green and starts the fans, which I understand means the PSU is in good health. The thing is, when I press the towers power button, it is able to turn on the computer only if I am also holding down this test button at the same time. Since first posting I tried this again, and the computer stays on by itself now. So I’m able to turn on my computer now, however it’s odd to me that the power button will not do this on its own. It seems something is weak or broken, but I’m perplexed as to what, since the BIST test is passing, and the power button works, but only with the test button. Sorry I can’t be more concise. Thanks for your help


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@Christina Matos

What colour is the LED in the Power button when you press it only i.e. without the BIST key as well, to start up the PC?

Try disconnecting the power cord from the PSU and then holding the Power button operated for a full 30 seconds and then release it. Reconnect the power cord to the PSU and then try to turn on the PC using the power button only.

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The power button would turn blue for that half second, (blue is the usual color) but then no light at all, no orange or anything.

The power cord disconnect plus 30 second button hold seems to have restored it. Working like normal it appears. Thank you so much @jayeff!!


@Christina Matos

Most probably it was caused by corrupted BIOS settings. The power refresh that you performed, restores the BIOS to its factory default condition

If your PC was 5+ years old I would then suggest that you replace the coin cell battery (see p.43) on the motherboard.

This non rechargeable Lithium battery maintains the BIOS settings when the PC is turned off and when it gets too low i.e. <2.5V DC, sometimes corruption of the settings can occur which affect the startup.

Since your model seems to be a recent release hopefully it was just an aberration. If it occurs again then further investigation may be needed.

If your PC is still under warranty use that first before opening the case.


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