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philips 8901 9809 backlight


i have 2 philips models : 65pus8901 & 65pus9809

both have backlight are on and work but picture have no good quality.

i am search for backlight but no successfully.

can i use other backlight models for my philips ?other philips models or lg samsung…

Update (06/29/2021)

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You can see dark side

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Check aliexpress


poor quality picture does not translate to backlight problem. Normally backlights just quit and you get a black screen unless you shine a light into it. Then you can see video. You need to do a little more troubleshooting and talk about the effect of various controls on the picture. Posting a photo would also be good.


Reza Afshar what are the issues with your TV's? what do they show that makes you think it is a backlight problem?


today i talk to my Repairman and he said backlight is ok and problem is reflector damaged and i need reflector.for 8901.


Reza Afshar What do you call the reflector? Not sure where that part would be. What does your TV show? Give us more of the symptoms.


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2 solutions

if you search for TV reflector you will find a couple of youtube videos

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Reza Afshar  very odd that it should have failed since it is part of your panel. It may be possible that you can find replacements but you will definitely have to do some searching. Take a look at the label on the back of your LCD panel and see what it says. It is on there that you find the maker and the model for that panel and it might help to find a replacement. It might also help if you can tell us what your screen actually looks like. Screens that looks washed out, poor contrast and dull can have issues with the Gamma correction IC. Post some pictures of what your screen shows with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see

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