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Samsung TV permanent vertical lines

I have the same problem, mine started this way Samsung TV permanent vertical lines

Last week the screen went completely blank with a gray/black screen. I did light test no image, and I do have backlights on that will lit up once I disconnect main board from power board and sounds works with no problem.

Any suggestions on what to check or replace ? Is my tcon board integrated with my main board ?

If any one could share some wisdom and knowledge I would really appreciate it.

@jayeff the model number is UN65NU6070FXZA

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @vraptor

Check where the flat ribbon cables that go to the screen come from.

If the main board has a cable that goes to another board (not the power board) which then has 2 (or more) cables going to the screen then that board is the tcon board.

If the mainboard connects to the screen (2 or more cables) then the tcon is inbuilt with the mainboard.

The tcon is integrated with the mainboard

If you haven't already replaced the mainboard that would be the first thing to do.

If no good then it may be the driver board that the mainboard connects to but you can't replace them that easily as the cables from them are attached to the screen and are very fragile.

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Vertical lines can be a processing issue or a connection issue. Usually, these are due to poor connections between the processing board and the panel. If you feel confident enough, remove the back of the assembly, then remove and reinsert the ribbon cables to access the panel. This will often solve the problem. Be careful as these cables are delicate and can be easily damaged. The connectors should have "locking tabs" which also need to be released to get the cables out. If this reinstallation does not resolve the problem, further investigation is necessary and should be performed by an experienced repair shop.

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