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The 6th generation of the Moto E smartphones. Model numbers XT2005-1, XT2005-3, XT2005-4, and XT2005-5.

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My phone automatically turns on Do Not Disturb

Why does my phone go on to “Do Not Disturb" and therefore won't ring when someone calls

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Check that the Do Not Disturb icon in the Quick Settings area of the phone is not set to a position were you can accidentally activate the option when handling the phone. Move it to another position so that you have to swipe down to expand and see it and to activate/deactivate it. Don’t know your phone but with most there is an “edit” icon in the in the Quick settings window when fully opened that allows you to drag it to another spot.

Maybe also check all the Do not disturb settings and check that they’re set for what you want.

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Hi Jayeff

Thank you for the response. I will try that. It is my dad's phone and I am trying to help him. I should have stated his phone..... it is a moto e6. Anyway thank you


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