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La Nintendo DSi est la troisième version de la Nintendo DS. Elle a d'abord été lancée au Japon le 1er novembre 2008 puis dans le monde entier en avril 2009.

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Can you fix a damaged Dsi power connector?

I bought a dsi as “not working “ and found that the power connector on the board is broken off. (the little white port with the red and black cables). The metal connections look too small to solder. Is it possible to fix this? Maybe with some electrical tape to press the connector to the metal points?

Update (07/05/2021)

Block Image

This part has completely come away.

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Could you add a photo of what you mean darren.


@tech_ni hi Daniel, image of the part in the answers section . Wouldn't let me add a photo in comments for some reason. New member syndrome!


@darrencmx you could solder the wires directly to the board and just leave the connector off.


@tech_ni OK cool, thanks.


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@darrencmx it is the front two (the ones with the + and - symbol) that are the ones that get the power. The back once are to hold the connector in place. If you want to fix it properly, you will need to solder all four of them with the proper connector. If you have not done this before, be forewarned. Your connector is made from plastic and it will melt pretty quick (quicker than the solder) so I suggest you practice on something old and useless first. Just to get a feel for it. you need the right solder tip as well. If you have never soldered before, this is not the time to learn :-) Electrical tape is not going to hold the connections and will eventually fail.

For a quick and dirty repair you can skip the whole connector and just solder the wires directly to their corresponding solder pads! Take a look on here Powerboard Connector Broke off my Motherboard for how to connect that.

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Unless it's already toast like the one in my cheap DSi XL I got due to it. If I melt it, so be it. The issue is when I replace it.


Great thanks, I'll try it out. I have done a little bit of soldering so I'll give it a go.


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