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Repair and disassembly information for Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

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Earpiece broken from headband at the swivel joint

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As too often happens with kids in the house, one kid left these headphones on the floor, another accidentally covered them with a blanket, and a third stepped on them. ??‍♂️

It seems the problem is the plastic swivel joint connecting the ear cup to the headband. Does anyone have any advice on conducting all repairs or information about the replacement part number(s)? Thanks!

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Taylor Williams that swivel does apparently not come as a spare part. I would get something like this and replace the part that holds the speaker since it has the swivel in it. I have not had any luck with any adhesive on headphones. Adhesive just does not have the flexibility to keep those parts from failing again.

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I have this same problem and wondering if the parts from the XM3 in oldturkeys post worked for the XM2?


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