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Find repair and additional information for the GE A3316ABS**** refrigerator—a 2009 top freezer model without ice through-door, developed by GE Appliances. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern A3316ABS****.

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Still fridge is warm

Please help. I replaced evap fan and motor. No ice build up on coils.Cleaned coils in back of fridge. Still fridge is warm. I hear the fan, feel the air blowing, controls on coldest temp. Any suggestions?

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@charmane Gantz

What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?

Not sure what you mean by the evap fan & motor, fan motor or compressor?

Is the evaporator unit getting cold?

Is the compressor running?

If the compressor is running check if the evap unit is cold. if not then there is a sealed system problem i.e. faulty compressor (is it hot to the touch, are the condenser coils warm/hot?) or a lack of refrigerant.

You would need to measure the high and low pressures in the sealed system to know what the problem is. Depending on your location due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases you may need a licensed refrigerator repairer to check this.

Also depending on the make & model there can be a 5 or even a 10 year parts only (you pay labour cost) manufacturer's warranty on the sealed system. Check the refrigerator's user guide for the warranty details

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Having the model number will help as it makes it easier to find the tech sheet so that the diagnostics can be performed and also hopefully it will also have a wiring diagram etc.

Also you never said if the evap unit is warm or cold.

What are the actual temps in the compartments?


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