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iPhone X Screen Burn

So today I repaired a customers IPhone X screen. The customer had a screen burn with the keyboard being the location of the burn. Due to this being an AMOLED screen I am familiar with this issue. However after putting on multiple different screens, the screen burn was still there. Any ideas?

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Are you copying the screen data to the new screen? If so I have seen this happen a few times where the burn gets transferred as well as the data. I don’t think there is much you can do except delete the data off the screen and lose true tone.

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It could possibly be a problem with the screen’s connector on the logic board. Depending on the color and intensity of the burn in, a pin on the motherboard could possibly be burnt or have another problem with it. It could also possibly be a capacitor however I would expect it to be a pin on the connector. Hope this helps!

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