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Caps lock blink 5+3 motherboard failure due to power supply

I have hp 15-g dr0008u notebook pc and facing weird issue of motherboard failure.

When i start pc, as mentioned caps lock blinks 5 times slowly and then 3 times fast so as suggested on hp website this is something unintended with board failure.

So far i have already tried everything mentioned in hp website like hard resetting pc and trying to reset bios with windows+b/v key combination which none of them worked.

So seeing no hope i finally took it to nearest shop and repair adviced there is no proper voltage coming on IC due to some power supply module issue and it will cost me around 3500 inr which can be almost half of second new motherboard price.

I have also faced issues related to power supply earlier in this same year and this all costs me more money which anyone can't afford atleast within this time.

So the question is how hp manufacturer cares for their consumer about power supply distribution and this board $@$*?

Even when i did realise that the cmos battery is inside the main battery which can't be removed anyhow, now i am just thinking this could be nothing but business perspective.

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I don’t know the service shop you went to but if it was me I would try taking out all accesory devices - SSD/HD, RAM, Optical drive, Wi-Fi card, battery, etc. Remember a fault or short in one of them could put the whole main board off.

Here is the link to the Service Manual:

Then with battery out and power supply/adapter connected try one RAM module at a time and try to start up. Anything? If nothing I guess the mainboard is defective.

If yes can you get into the BIOS/UEFI and run the built in HP Diagnostics as so:

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Immediately press the f2 key repeatedly, about once every second, until the UEFI menu opens.
  3. When the UEFI menu opens, select the diagnostic test you want to run, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If that passes the test hen try booting off of a bootable USB drive. Did it work? Yes? Then add the main drive and see if it boots up. No? Then drive is defective or corrupted.

Good luck my friend.

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@aactech thanks for your reply man.

Update as of today.

Repairer said my IO device was failed and it costed me even more than expected. Btw I did all the things as you mentioned in the comment before taking it to repair shop.

But i could not even get to see the screen so bios menu is of-course out of syllabus.



Happy you got it working at leastb cheaper than new laptop.

I am curious about what the repairer was referring to - the mainchipset perhaps.


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