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Blinking battery lights, Asus laptop wont turn on

Hi everybody I need some help.

I had an Asus laptop K550V and the charger was faulty recently (it has to be placed at a certain angle to charge).

I replaced it with a new one, and now it charges fine - with the battery light turnning yellow.

But the laptop wont turn on. The power light will turn on, the fans will kick in, but the screen is black. I tried the hard reset 30-second power button hold but it did not work. Also, before I turn it on the battery light is solid yellow, but when I turn it on it starts blinking slowly.

Is there any fixes? It is currently lock down in my city so going to a shop is not an option, and i need this to work.

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What is the model number of the laptop?


@jayeff It's a K550V


I have two questions

1. when you tried the hard reset did you disconnect the battery?

and 2. have you tried connecting to an external monitor and seeing if maybe it's a display related problem?


@master_hyrum Hi, thank you for your reply.

1. I tried both actually, same result

2. I did, I have one around. The thing went straight to power mode, so Im not sure


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Hi @Hai long Pham

You may have to try a full power refresh.

This involves removing the main battery and then disassembling the laptop and then possibly removing the motherboard so that you can disconnect the RTC battery from the motherboard and then pressing the power button for a full 30 seconds.

Then reconnect the RTC battery and re-assemble the laptop and insert the main battery and connect the charger and try turning it on.

I don’t know your laptop model, so I say possibly removing the motherboard from the case as I cannot see the battery when viewing this disassembly video so I think that it is on the underside of the motherboard as it is on some other Asus motherboards I’ve seen.

Note: When you have removed the RTC battery, measure its voltage. If it is <2.5VDC, replace it. These batteries are a non-rechargeable Lithium battery which usually last about 5 years. Their function is to maintain the BIOS settings when the laptop is turned off. When the voltage gets low, sometimes the settings can become corrupted and this can prevent a normal start. By disconnecting both the RTC and the main battery from the motherboard and then pressing the Power button for 30 seconds any residual power left on the motherboard that is holding the corrupted settings, will be dissipated and the BIOS will reset to its factory default settings.

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Hey I just opened up the laptop, but never got down to removing the RTC battery. However, after I closed it down, a few hours later it managed to turn on.

Except that if I lift it up or tilt it frontwards, the display glitches hard, even restarts the machine.

And after two glitches the computer is now back to the state it was before. Wont turn on, solid yellow lights when off, blinking yellow lights when on.


@Hai long Pham

Sounds like there is a loose connection somewhere.

You did say that you had a problem and you thought it was the charger because you had to place it at certain angles.

Are you sure that it wasn't the charge port in the laptop that was the problem?

The video I linked above shows how to change the DC-In jack (supplier example only) so it may be worthwhile checking it and its plug connection and also any other cable connection inside the laptop


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