Why is iPhone turning off immediately when certain USB cables are used

Hi, I have had this iPhone XS for 3 years now and have had no problems. However I have noticed that recently when I use certain cables the iPhone turns off immediately. Only when I unplug it can I turn it back on to the boot logo and use phone normally.

the original iPhone cable works fine and I have no problems. But when I use some 3rd party wires like anker, it does this. But not always, it only does it sometimes so it’s even more weird.

I have also noticed that if I allow the phone to auto lock while it is charging, the phone shuts down as well. This is really weird and I have not found any solutions online.

any idea why this could be happening? I am almost convinced this is a software issue as I never had this problem but after recent updates it has started to happen for a lot of others on this forum too.

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