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Dryer turns off mid cycle with clothes BUT it runs fine when its empty

Our dryer will run fine when it’s empty. But when you put a full load in, it over heats and stops in about 5 minutes. If you try to dry half a load, it turns off around 10 minutes. If you only dry 1 or 2 things, it works. Is the motor bad, and any sort of weight will make it stop??

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What is the make and model number of the dryer?


Hi @jayeff ! Its a GE Dryer,



@jayeff OOPS this is the correct Model # DJXR433EG0WW


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Does the drum rotate easily and smoothly when manually turned even with a full load?

When a full load is in the drum does the drum actually rotate when powered or does it stall?

Have you checked the tension on the drive belt to make sure that it is OK.

Here’s a link to a parts supplier just to give an idea of where everything is and what the parts may cost. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for DJXR433EG0WW parts to get results

The troubleshooting guide in the dryer’s mini manual (i.e. tech sheet - link is auto download) doesn’t specify what to check for your problem. Although the wiring diagram shows that there is an overland protection device that shuts it down if there is too much current flowing through the motor windings for whatever reason.

Perhaps it may be the motor but you would need an AC clamp meter connected to the motor to know what value of current is flowing though it to be sure.

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@jayeff Thanks for your reply!!

Yes, the drum rotates manually with a bit of strength and two hands.

Yes, the drum rotates when running empty, and with clothes.

I'm not sure how to check the tension on the drive belt, but since it's rotating, it should be fine-ish, right?

I'm just confused, because it runs empty and with a few items and works just fine/dries the few clothes that are in there. For example, I dried 1 blanket last night and it dried. However, when I tried drying the 1 blanket and 1 sheet set, it got too hot inside (because the top feels extra hot) and turned off :(

So you think the only issue might be the motor being weak/going out? I think it's a fairly old dryer (I got it used, but its warrantied for 90 days so I guess I'll call the place. I'm just nervous they will make an excuse not to replace the motor).


@Beth Sipzner

Go with the warranty first. It never hurts to ask and if they're a reputable company they should honour their warranties.

Get them to come and check if they doubt it.


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