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Changed cracked screen and frame. Proximity sensor doesn't work

I ordered a replacement screen and frame (screen mounted to frame) from aliexpress. The assembly seems original and recovered from another phone.

Everything works well except for the proximity sensor, which always shows NEAR or INIT in the Service Menu - Auto Test. I think when it shows init it’s a contact problem as also the light sensor doesn’t seem to work.

I tried cleaning the screen where the sensor is and removing the protective film, but it always shows NEAR.

Any suggestions? Is the sensor defective? If so, I still have the one from the old phone, but it seems embedded between the screen and frame and wouldn’t want to pry apart the screen from the frame.

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I managed to make it work by pressing the calibration button in the test screen. Be careful so as the sensor is not covered before starting and during calibration.

For calibration:

  1. Go to service menu: call *#546368#*710#
  2. Device Test -> SAAT -> Auto Test
  3. Long press power button -> “Don’t touch proximity sensor” appears in red
  4. Press “PASS”
  5. You will reach the proximity and light sensor test screen
  6. Make sure the sensor is clear and not covered and press “Cal Start”
  7. After calibration is done the sensor should work OK

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Thank you so much


thank you very much working fine after calibration


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i replaced full display proximeter not working

after try this working fine (#546368#710#)

thank you

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i did and it says 'proximity cal fail'. I dont use any screen protector and the sensor area is clean. pls help


Can i know where your buy proximity sensor lg g8 thinq


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