Why do I have no input and outputs?

Hi guys,

I have recently acquired a 21.5 2015 base model iMac for a bargain price as it has no input or sound output. The volume icon is greyed out and as you can see from the pictures there is nothing listed in the inputs and outputs (except for my neighbours Apple TV).

I have tried the usual, SMC, pram, booting from operating system installed on a USB device. There is no red light on the headphone jack either. It's to my understanding that the I/O is integrated on the Logic Board, but I'm struggling to find some solid information on this online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I can't seem to upload any pictures.


Have you done a reinstall of MacOS?


I have booted from an external drive with High Sierra installed and it was the same, but I haven't done a complete fresh install as figured after booting from the external USB it would be hardware related.



sounds like either the connectors or damaged or the logic board is I Recommend replacing the logic board you should be able to keep the rest of the components though and replace them once you have a new logic board.


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