System Error E100 00000703 809100006

reinstalling a new hdd as the one in this xbox i received didnt want to boot at all. getting this error code even after reformating the drive using xboxonehddmaster-9 to create 2 different drives. been updating with OSU1 and its gets tothe 3rd part of hte update before going back to the “something went wrong” screen.

EDIT: The motherboard of this unit was replaced without replacing the disc drive.

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can you tell us which model of Xbox one you have and the model of Drive you installed, this should help those more familiar with Xbox one modding solve your problem.


@rektronik sure. i got a 1540 xbox one og and the original disk was HGST 1TB the other drive was a seagate 500GB i didnt mention this but i shouldve, the motherbaord was replaced in this unit was replaced. was told the disc reader wouldnt work.


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