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My Friend Vicki, She was a huge talking doll from the 80s

I can’t find any schematics or repair guides anywhere so I was hoping someone here could help.


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Update (09/04/2021)

Ah ok, so this helps a lot. Talking Jills uses an internal cassette tape mechanism like the ones on ideal talking 1987 big birds. So the first thing I'd recommend is to check if you have a Jill cassette tape, as putting in ones that are not Jills does not work. These themed cassettes have small incoders in the tape which allow her head to move, arms to move as well as her mouth and eyes, they also have some kind of interactivity. Such as:

Here is a link on where you could buy a Talking Jill: tape:https://www.antiquedollhouseofpatterns.c...

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here’s a repair guide:

This may also help out:

Here’s a helpful overview:

Here’s a full teardown:

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Hello. I’m sorry, I got her name wrong it’s Jill, she was made in 1987 by Playmates Toys, stands 33 inches tall, and was apparently a much more sophisticated follow up to another doll named Cricket made earlier, she can blink and turn her head as she talks, and can also move her arms, a website dedicated to 70s/80s toys says that she came with “themed tapes” but doesn’t go into much more detail about what kind of tapes they were, or how they worked. I’d post a photo but the site won’t let me for some reason, but she’s blonde with giant (very creepy) blue eyes and wears a blue, and pink, and purple striped sweater. I hope that helps.

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I have updated my answer :)


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