Phone stopped working after water

Phones been in water many times. No issues. This last time it stopped working. I watched your video and took it apart and found water inside. I have a fan on it all night tonight to dry it out. If that don’t work. Are we looking at having to replace logic board or battery or is it still hard to tell. I was upgrading to 13 in few weeks and was gonna get a good amount of money for this trade in. Trying to get it back to working so I can upgrade to 12 or 13 and still get my trade in and not pay full retail. Any thoughts. ? I also see you don’t sell logic boards. Where would I get those. Thanks for the help. It’s nice to see your still around. When you first started I followed you and became a iPod repair person myself. Watching your vids and buying your replacement parts from your site. Glad to see your still going. Thanks.

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