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A1418 / EMC 3069 / 2017 / Processeur quadricoeur i5 à 3,0 GHz, quadricoeur i5 à 3,4 GHz ou quadricoeur i7 de 3,6GHz. Sorti le 8 Juin 2017.

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No Power Flashing Diagnostic light even with known working PSU

hi guys I have the above imac

I had to replace the logic board as the current one was dead

but now im getting a flashing 2nd diagnostic light every 2 seconds and the fans twitch and that’s it.

any ideas why ??

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Your systems firmware is corrupt! Did someone try to alter the firmware password?

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Hi thanks for the reply

and I purchased the motherboard as a replacement one

how would I recover the firmware ?

if at all possible ?


@jasongoldworthy - I would return it as its defective, or at least get your money back.


Thanks for the reply again.

I’ll contact the place of purchase and see where I go from there

I honestly thought my cpu was bad at first.

But my original logic board was dead as a dodo no power light no nothing.


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