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Where can I find repair instructions for my old fisher price drill

The fisher price drill has a place where you can push down for it to rotate the drill or whatever attachment that fits on it but it won’t do anything

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There will probably be a lack of knowledge on the repair of this product online. Does the product have screws you can undo? Does it take Alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.)?


Yes, I have taken the screws out...and it takes 2 AA’s


@kmlkll Do you see a motor?


Yes, there is a motor...I know one wire is not connected, but what it should be attached to


Isn’t visible


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Hello, I so you most likely have a 1977 fisher price drill as seen here:

First off, check the battery compartment, so since it takes AA, they might be corroded so clean them with rubbing alcohol and a Q tip. I’d say leave these new batteries in the toy for 24 hours they might need a while to warm up in the toy. So, the motor turns the shaft and tuns a yellow gear when holding the black trigger. You can also use a multimeter to test the motor to see if its getting power. If one of the green wires have came unsoldered you should first clean/strip back the wire and (with the toy on) press the green wire on any possible connectors, then when the drill starts you’ll know where to solder back the green wire.

I’m assuming you have one of these models:

Block Image

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