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I dont know the password help on iPhone 6 or 6s

i got my hands on a iphone 6 or 6s with someone else passcode on it i don’t know the passcode would like to reset it

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A) check on ebay. do not visit websites that offer unlock the services.

B) if the listing talks about jailbreaking, teamviewer, or requiring a pc or mac to execute the unlock - ignore these

C) look for ones that first check if the IMIE is lost first and explain the process where they will send you a "document with a code" (in reality a receipt) with your name, ESN and IMEI on it (you provide them that information) so you have a "proof of purchase" to take into an Apple store (make a genius bar appointment first) to show that you purchased the phone. show the apple tech your receipt and tell them that you don't have the icloud account information (you forgot it, you bought it for a relative who recently passed, or for an ex-SO who won't talk to you anymore, etc. - they're less interested in the story than they are about matching the phone to the information on the receipt, but you have to tell them something) and they'll clear the lock. it will, however, erase everything on the phone.


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That is not going to happen! All you have is a paperweight that belongs to someone else, it’s dead to anyone that does not have the passcode.

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