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HP Pavilion 15 laptop released in December of 2017 with model number 15-cc123cl.

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Harddrive retainer clip for ribbon cable

I was replacing the very extremely painfully slow HDD that came with the laptop with a Cruical 2.5in SSD. However, while trying to install the ribbon cable, the clip that holds down the disk drive cable. Any idea what that clip is called or any specs? And does iFixit carries this particular part?

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Hi @datechboss101

Sounds as though you broke the HDD’s ribbon cable zif connector locking bar on the motherboard, is this correct?

Usually these locking bars are part of the connector itself and not a separately available component.

Here’s a link that describes some methods that can be tried to hold the ribbon cable in place as replacing the connector itself is really not a DIY option, even if you could find the correct one.

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