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Is this harddrive truly gone now?

The issues with the harddrive are getting worse

Now, I was forced to install Max OSX on a second partition(not a big partition, 12GB) to repair the boot record when it corrupts because of how much it happens, plus the permissions are as bad as the boot record

Is this harddrive on it's last legs?

BTW, the second partition is fine


i had a odd crash that can happen randomly, the Mac locks up for the most part, but the cursor works oddly enough and i have to shut it down to get it to wrok

i am going to reload the OS and supply updates on this mess

update 2(this is important!)

I have a good feeling the drive is done, it's lagging like ^#%$ now(it is not this bad at ANY given time!) and I reloaded the OS

I have a OS disk for snow leopard, HDD encosure, dead HP G60 neither me or my friend could unbrick with a 320GB drive that could be faster AND same size drive, i am done with this drive, $*$#, i have LOTS of free memory

Let the commencement of killing this drive with a drill, hammer and shotgun begin very soon

update 3

i'm trusting my gut, this drive sounds dead to me in it' current state, I still have money left on a 50$ prepaid Visa, i'll buy a SATA enclosure for notebook drives and swap drives in this Mac, and end it all

update 4

Since replacing the drive, it has been running MUCH better and has not had any issues witnessed on the old drive, it was the HDD, I don't trust this drive enough to zero it out, it's THAT bad

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+ Thank you Nick for accepting my answer. I wish you the best of luck on this. I've had more than my share of hard drive problems this year and know how frustrating it can be. I've spent 40 hours+ bench time and hundreds of dollars this year recovering information from failed hard drives on my desktop system and setting up new hard drives. I am certain you will figure out what is going on here and fix it. You are a Tech of the next generation. I am a Tech from a fading generation.


Gee Cellers, if you're the fading generation what does that make me? I guess the first generation or the one foot in the grave generation ;-)


Mayer you aren't that much older than me. Some family's have brothers that have age differences that span greater than ours. If it is my judgment call I'd put you in the generation that is fading away. ;) My deceased brother-in-law was a Tech from old technology, computers used mechanical relays, information was stored on tape and programming was done with cards.


I remember tape and cards and a few with switches and jumpers so what does that make me?


tough call, maybe the old and fading generation combined


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Back up your data. Run disk utilities from your OSx install disk. That should tell you the general health of your disk.

If disk utilities gives it a clean bill of health format the hard drive using the "write zeros" option. The write zeros option will map any bad sectors on the hard drive so that no information will be written to them and be lost or corrupt. Install your operating system again.

If disk utilities says your hard drive is on it's last leg replace it.

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I need a copy of iLife first


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