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La troisième génération du Fairphone. Fabriqué par l'entreprise sociale du même nom. Commercialisé le 3 septembre 2019.

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What glue is needed for the screen unit?

The screen on the fairphone 3+ has started to come away from the phone after being dropped. It still works, it’s just loose at the top. Rather than buying a whole new screen module, it seems we should just be able to carefully glue this one back together.

We’re not sure what glue to use though; what would you recommend?

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Hi @dan1123 ,

I suggest that you use TESA tape to seal the case. (click on the Store icon at the top of the page to find the ifixit store closest to you and then click on Parts and search for TESA tape -click on the size to find the various sizes available) )

Here’s the ifixit Remplacement du module d'écran du Fairphone 3 guide. This shows how to remove the display so that the old seal can be cleaned away using Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available at electronics parts stores) and the appropriately sized tape fitted all around the case edge and the display sealed back again.

Maybe the best option for the long term and will prevent any adhesive that you may try to use, from leaking into the phone making it more difficult if you ever need to repair it.

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Thanks @jayeff that's great. How would be best to determine what sized tape to get?

Would this also be as secure as a glue? We've taken the screen module out to have a look, and it's still partially attached. I figure can glue and wait for it to set before putting it back in, but if the tapes going to be as strong obviously that's easier.



I can't find the actual size for your model, but perhaps measure the frame where the screen sits on to see what size is closest. 1-2mm?

Tape is used by most professionals. Make sure that you clean off every last vestige of the existing glue/tape to ensure a perfect seal. It won't be as waterproof as the original factory seal - nothing ever is, but it will be resistant to some degree. Use a Q-Tip moistened with Isopropyl Alcohol to soften and remove the original adhesive. The IPA evaporates quickly and leaves no residues.

Here's a link that shows how to use the tape that may help


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