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iPhone 4 pouces commercialisé depuis mars 2016 avec une configuration de matériel similaire à l'iPhone 6s. Disponible en Argent, Gris sidéral, Or ou Or Rose, avec 16 ou 64 Gb de stockage. Modèles A1662 et A1723.

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Replaced battery bent when removing, can I still use it?

I followed the tutorial to replace my iPhone SE (1sg gen) battery, and like for many others, only one of the strips of old adhesive came off clean, so I had to pry it out so I could weaken the rest of the adhesive with isopropyl alcohol and carefully get it out with a spudger.

It bent a little bit in the process but I managed to make it flat again and it does not look damaged. Is it a bad idea to reuse it?

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It’s definitely not as safe as the original one, but your mileage may vary. Most people kept using it without major issues.

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Punch it flat put it in that’s what I would do its safe unless its torn open and you can see silver inside

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