My Camera and type cover not working Surface pro 4

I got a case of camera not working on surface pro 4 device. It happened after I replaced the digitizer screen.

Block Image

At first it was always flickering, so I replaced the lcd, then after replacing it I found a case whose cover type couldn't be installed, then added a camera that didn't work by displaying the error code "0xA00F4244", I've been trying for a few days by following the instructions circulating on Internet. But did not find a solution.

Using utility software, I found 3 camera errors even though all drivers were installed. and it says 'error code 10". and I tried to fix it using utility software and only two work, while main camera shows error message.

while I was repairing, there was a small "tick tick tick" sound on the logic board. Not sure where it's coming from, but heard in the block area leading to the camera socket.

Block Image

  • The area I marked in yellow is where I heard a "tick tick tick" sound during the repair process.
  • On red, it looks like a diode, but not sure which way to go, and it shows short circuits on both legs.

Is there a solution here?

thank you

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