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The Jeep Cherokee is a line of vehicles sold by Jeep under various vehicle classes. Originally sold as a variant of the popular Jeep Wagoneer, the Cherokee has evolved from a full-size SUV to one of the first compact SUVs and eventually into its current incarnation as a crossover SUV.

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Turn signals not working

My turn signals aren’t working on my 2001 Cherokee. I replaced 2 bulbs and checked all the rest. When I force the right signal it blinks once then nothing

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Changing the relay lit up the signals so I can manually make them work but it stopped my hazards from working. This is as far as I can go as I can’t take off the steering wheel


@lbrannock11 you made sure that you have the proper bulbs in your lights? Some of the multi filament lights can cause this if they are the wrong type.


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@lbrannock11 check the blinker relay because that could be what is causing this. Not a terribly complicated job. This video makes a pretty good job of showing you how to replace it.

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