Battery used only once, doesn't recharge

I ordered this battery to replace the dead one on my Dyson V7 vacuum. Came when the package said it would arrive. A little weird to install; the screws don’t fit too well but if you open the bucket you can screw it in successfully.

I did as the instructions said: I installed the battery, charged it to 100% then waited 2 hours. I ran the vacuum until the battery ran out. All is well. UNTIL! I put the vacuum back on the hook in order to recharge back to 100% to calibrate the battery (as per the ifixit instructions on the website). My vacuum is now blinking red and won’t recharge. What the heck?! I chose ifixit beacuse I’ve used your products before.

What can I do to make sure my vacuum recharges and works correctly??

PS - Anyone reading this, you can get the official battery from Dyson and install it yourself with the guide on this website. Though it’s more expensive, it’s a better option getting the official product.

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