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The smaller of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Black Screen after SSD upgrade

I recently changed the SSD in my macbook air. All installed accorndingly and also recovered from Time Machine.

Computer is on
I close it’s screen
When I open it again, the screen remains black.. it’s almost gray, since there is some light on it.. it’s not “turned off” black.

Then the only way to go to the main screen again it by powering it of and starting it again. When doing this I get the message that my computer had a problem and was shut down..

Is it a configuration or can it be a problem with the SSD? It’s a chinese brand SSD.

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What SSD did you use? Make & Model



Model: DMPG3N - 256Gb


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Sorry I have no history with this drive.

It does appear to match up with the custom Apple interface from the photos. The information I found implies it has a PCIe x 8 which is not possible in this system (typo?). Either you got a bad unit or they failed to mimic Apples interface correctly.

Other than sticking with the custom Apple SSD’s, I would recommend sticking to either OWC or Transcend as they both make compatible drives. One important detail is your system needs to be running High Sierra or newer as Apple altered the OS for both of these vendors to offer compatible drives (under license).

Review this great guide The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs for the full lowdown on Apples SSD’s.

What happens when you put the original SSD back in?

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I did not try to put the original back.. Will do it now.

Its strange, because other than that this new ssd is working "ok".. A little bit slow, but is doing the job.

will check what happens with the OG drive and comment here again


@Bruno Seibert - Any news?


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