Error 8002F1F9 Update Loop (4.88)

I have a CECH-2501A model PS3. The Wifi/BD card died in January, so I cannot connect to the internet or connect controllers wireless. I recently acquired a new Slim that works and I’d like to transfer data over to. To do so both systems need to be on the same firmware and 4.88 has come out since then. Since I can’t connect to the internet through wifi on the old system, I download the update onto a jump drive and attempt to update through that. The system installs to 53%, then I get error 8002F1F9. Upon restart this will happen again and again and again. I’ve tried almost every solution I’ve seen, apart from disassembling the entire thing because I don’t want to do that for risk of breaking other things.

Solutions I’ve tried:

Entering Safe Mode: Cannot enter safe mode

Unplugging AC adapter for some time: Still stuck

Removing Power Supply for some time: Still stuck

Booting up without the Hard Drive: System says it cannot start, plug hard drive in and restart, same result

Removing the CMOS battery: On this model the battery is located under the metal plate, cannot remove without massive deconstruction. I can pop the battery on one end, but I do not believe that is enough to disconnect it.

It makes no difference if I boot with the jump drive in or not, or remove it while the update is installing. If I try to put 4.87 on the drive, I’m not sure it will make a difference.

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