When Face ID is connected sound and vibration don't work..

Hi i have here iPhone 11 Pro with weird issue, when Face ID flex cable is disconnected phone works like normal just without access to front camera and earpeace speaker, but when i connect Face ID flex cable sound and vibration stop working, phone boots up, you can do pretty much anything on it but sound and vibration dont work… any idea what can cause this ?

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What do you mean by “the face ID flex?” Are you talking about the front camera assembly flex or the top screen flex? So this problem just happened out of the blue?


@imicrosoldering - i mean the whole flex with earpiece speaker, Face ID Iluminator ( if i am correct ) and proximity sensor, yes this problem came up out of the blue... i changed on this phone screen about 3 months ago and all worked like a charm and few days ago customer came back with this issue and i cant figure it out why this happened... ( i work like technician at 3rd party repair shop )


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