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Amana Bottom freezer Condenser fan needs a push to start

My freezer stopped cooling so I cleaned all dust from condenser and back of the refrigerator since than its working great. The only issue now it has when condenser fan stops it sometime doesn’t start by itself when it needs to run to cool until I push it a little bit. I am not sure if fan motor is bad or if it’s something else. How do I test?

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Update: I noticed if I regularly check (if fan is stopped) push start it manually it works fine. There is also a little water puddle on the ground back of the unit. Is it fan motor and if I replace it my issue will resolve?


Thank You brandon k for the reply! I am also thinking of replacing the fan motor. What I read as soon as compressor/condenser runs the fan should start but it’s intermittent

I go ahead and order a fan motor and update once it replaced


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These fans don't use capacitors, so if you're having to give it a bump to start then it is getting weak and should be replaced before it fails completely and ruins product in the unit. Theres really no way to test this that I know of. If the fan is clear and there isn't hair or anything that could be causing resistance then the issue is an internal one. They're not normally expensive, and are typically very easy to replace. Just make sure you unplug the unit when you do.

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