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La mise à jour de mars 2015 du Macbook Pro 13" avec écran Retina d'Apple, modèle A1502, présente la cinquième génération de processeurs Intel Core i5 et i7 et introduit le trackpad Force Touch.

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2015 13" MacBook Pro Kernel Panics when waking from sleep

Update: Basically the SSD is bad. Need to find a replacement.

For some reason when I wake my Mac from sleep the screen is black and none of the buttons work. Eventually, I get to the "your computer has restarted because of a problem" then I press any key to resume startup. Does anybody know why this might be happening?

I have a link to the log here.

I am on Big Sur and reseting SMC and NVRAM didn't help.

I have the Coconut battery log here. Also running AHT didn’t report any problems.

Block Image

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A common issue with systems which are waking from sleep is not having enough power when not plugged in.

Let's check your battery, to get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Ajout d'images à une question existante


Coconut battery reported the battery as normal and I am at 82 precent health with about 700 cycles. It still crashes when waking from sleep even while plugged in.


@jimmysofat6864 - Please post the snapshot so I can see all of the data


@danj I just added it right now. It says the same thing last time I checked it.


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Well the battery is the original battery (old) so its not at optimum performance it also getting close to the 1k cycle count which isn't always possible with older batteries. So I do think that's something you do need to deal with.

Let's dig a bit deeper...

Prep up an external drive as a bootable drive. Don't add any stuff to it yet, restart your system using it as the boot drive and plug in your charger. Is your system stable now when you wake it? If not then I would replace the battery, if it is stable then you need to look at what you have running for apps and add-ons as something is messing you up. The easiest wy to fix this is make a full backup, reformat your drive, and slowly restore your apps doing a few at a time and checking to see if its still stable.

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Well even when the system is plugged in and waking from sleep, it still randomly crashes. But when I take the SSD from my MacBook Air and put it into my MacBook Pro, the crashes seem to go away and it's the MacBook Air that crashes.


@jimmysofat6864 - Well that ends up doing the same thing! Moving the drive to another system which then crashes out. That points to the drive its self and/or the OS/Apps running on it.

Time to back it up and reformat the drive so you can slowly rebuild things to isolate out what is messed up. If just putting a fresh OS alone it stick crashes then I would suspect the drive has a problem.

I'm curious what is the drive the original Apple drive or something else?


@danj Yea it was the original Apple SSD. Reinstalling the OS didn't fix anything so looks like the SSD is on it's way out.


@jimmysofat6864 - Well that means you are in for a new SSD drive and battery now. This gets tricky! Are you looking at the newer models? Maybe it's time. If you really want to hang on to it is it worth the expense?

In any case I think it's time to close this one out. Don't forget to score the answer and accept it - Thanks!


@danj Yea I'm considering my options maybe a cheap SSD or a new computer to fix this but yea now I know what's broken now.


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