gas pedal moves no go

gas pedal no work does not give gas moves good

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First of all need a bit more information, in order to answer need to know exactly what this is happening to. So i need the vehicles year of manufacture make and model and any other unique branding trim package. Also need to know if there's been aftermarket part installed or if there has been any serious work or alterations done to the vehicle by mechanic to change it from the way it left the factory.

Next what "moves good" do you mean the action of the pedal feels normal, and it just no longer pushes gas into the engine.

Does the vehicle start up normally and idle?

and then you just cannot use the gas pedal to drive the car.

how did it fail suddenly while driving slowly a little at a time, or it was just like that when you started in the morning. Were there any other issues going on with this vehicle before this failure, was there for example any strange noises or maybe vibration or noticeable decrease in vehicles performance.


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