Freezer goes up to -28 and alarms out , also door alarm goes off

Type of freezer 3663 catering equipment.

upright single door.

The issue I’m getting is freezer runs up to -28 then starts alarming, but also the door alarm comes on saying it’s open when it isn’t, not sure if they are both connected ?

any help would be much appreciated thanks.

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Hi @markytee1980,

What is the brand name of the freezer?

When searching for "3663 freezer" there is a Liebherr CTNesf 3663 but it is a 2 door refrigerator and freezer unit . The same with a Dometic RM- 3663 but it is for an RV

have you checked that the door switch (if one is situated in the door jamb and manually operated by the door and not a hidden magnetic switch) is working OK? If the freezer has a light, by operating the switch it should turn off. The switch is also used to turn the evaporator fan off when the door is opened so as to prevent cold air from being blown out. It is the evap fan that is used to cool down the compartment.

A faulty switch can mean that the fan doesn't operate.

Also check that the door seals are OK and that the compartment is not losing cold air due to a faulty seal. Place a piece of paper between the door and the door jamb and with the door closed, try to pull it out.

It will come out with a bit of an effort, but not too easily and it shouldn't fall out by itself. Try this at various places around the door, top, bottom and both sides.

What temp should the freezer be at?

You said that it "...goes up to -28...", which is still extremely cold. Do you mean -28°F i.e. 60° below freezing or -28°C which is 28° below freezing or just 28°F which is 4° below freezing? Just asking as usually freezers operate at 0°F or -18°C


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