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Why is it turning on and off randomly, and no WiFi?

Hi folks. I have a Samsung Model UN46ES7100F 3D TV which has recently begun to turn itself off and on randomly. I thought this might be a firmware update issue, but I can't get the TV to access my WiFi network, or any WiFi for that matter. I even downloaded the latest firmware onto a USB drive and tried to load it that way, but it won't recognize that either. As a last resort, I connected it directly to my Modem using an ethernet cable, with no luck. I've never used the "smart" features on the set, so the connectivity problem may have been there since the day I bought it in 2013. How can I fix the on/off and connectivity issues??

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Michael in Wheaton

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Does it turn on/off, if after it is turned on, you remove the batteries from the TV remote control unit or any remote control e.g. Firestick, used with the TV?

With regards to the WiFi, use a WiFi sniffer program to check if the TV WiFi is on or not.

If not then it may be worth it to invest in the service manual to find the problem rather than trying to isolate it by simply replacing boards which would be more expensive

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The on/off may be a bad capacitor on the power side the the board. look for caps where the silver X is not indented or flat. if it is extended or ballooned out that will need to be replace. Also check the power brick if it has one and the outlet it is plugged into.

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All caps look fine, and the ac power is not the issue.


just a shot in the dark but the power button not springing back enough?

as for the wifi try to find the antenna wire(s) and be sure that are connected fully. now that you will know were it is connected check the ribbons and reseat them. for any that is connect to that board. It sounds like it is not getting power to that board. also look for a fuse on that board


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