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Repair guides and support for the ZenFone 2 by ASUS, identifiable by the model number ZE500KL. Introduced in September 2015.

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My phone is wont open.

My phone wont open. The loading screen stops for hours.

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Is the phone still stuck on the loading screen or can it be shut down?


i can turn it off


@anonymous_user Turn the phone off, then hold power+volume down for a few seconds. Do you see anything on the screen?


question mark inside battery icon


@anonymous_user Is that when the phone is plugged in or unplugged?


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If you have an iPhone X or later press volume up Volume down and then hold power that will hard reset your phone

if you have an older phone iPhone 8 plus or older hold the power and home button down until the screen shuts off to do a hard reset

if then it still does not work I would probably connected to iTunes make a back up and then reset the phone however that will not help if there’s a hardware issue

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The person asking the question has an Android, not an iPhone.


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