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A Wi-Fi and NFC capable CMOS camera first released in March 2013. Identified by model number EV-NX300ZBQUUS.

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What's this issue, and can I fix it somehow?

These lines appeared overnight on my camera, it seems like a motherboard or a sensor issue, but I’m clueless. I was wondering if I could fix it somehow!

Block Image

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So, for this you have a couple of options.

1) Try unplugging the battery and putting it back in, making sure it is secure. This usually fixes problems.

2) If you can, open up you camera and use a toothbrush that has NOT been used and clean the board, also use 99% Isopropyl alcohol if possible.

3) Make sure all connections are secure on the camera.

4) If needed try factory resetting.

If these don’t fix it you may need to take this to a technician. Or you will need to repair your camera yourself. We have guides on iFixit and there is also YouTube.

Hope you can fix your camera!

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