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XBR-55X900E Four red blinks.

My tv developed a problem where it will power on and the shut down. Once shut down it blinks red 4 times. It will power back on and then does the same thing. I have replaced the bmks board and ld board. Any insight as to what is going on? Also if anyone has the capacitor layout for the bmks board that would be helpful. The service manual has two listed but i cannot find a diagram.

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I've developed the same repeating 4 red blinks issue on my unit. went through all the soft & hard reset attempts with the tv at first giving me a start up ("SONY & Android letters then red flashing again) have replaced the main (BMKS) board with no change. Can you confirm that the LD IC board is the LED Driver board as I'll try that as well.


My Sony XBR55X9005E TV has a malfunction, after a few hours of operation it blinks four times.

I tried a factory reset from the TV menu, I tried a reset from the buttons on the TV, power and volume down, when the green led appears, but in both situations the problem persists.

It works for a few hours, then it goes into error, I turn it off and sometimes it works for a while, and in some situations it stops working, it flashes 4 times continuously.

The codes on the LED Driver board are: LD35/ 0081223/ A2166063A/ PKG1001/ SSV/ A4/ 1700329A.

What can the TV have?

Thank you.


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@jamesla the 4 blink code is an LED driver failure/LED voltage protection [LD_ERR] Error detection of the I2C communication between the Main device and the LD IC. Most common failure is the LD board or the actual backlight strips. Follow the flowchart to determine if it is the LD board or the BMKS board.

Block Image

. Post some good pictures of your BMKS board with your question so that we can try and help you with those caps. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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Thats the flow i was following, i have two bmks and lds now. I was wondering where the location of c464 and cl1036 were located as referenced. Hoping its not the strips.


My TV does the same thing except sometimes you can unplug it and it’ll work for a movie or two and shut off and sometimes it will come on display the opening screen and then shut off


@michael vaughn make and model? Blinks 4times after?


I have same question. Layout of bkms board doesn’t seem to have c464 or cl1036. Board 2170473a.


@bobbabcock same model? Same error? That is one of those cases where we ask that "Post some good pictures of your BMKS board with your question so that we can try and help you with those caps. Adding images to an existing question" so we can see what you see :-)


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